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Let's get started.


Practical tasks

Well that's one way around planning restrictions. ( /gallery/)
True OMG colour pencil rendering. ( pencil-drawings-cj-hendry/)
This is 'Barbie pink'. (



Visual Communication design


Video resources

History and theory

Must see for Year 11 and 12s.
Great computer voice!! Too bad about the gender exclusive script. Takes us through most of the creative ideas process as we know it.
Damsels of design! Women behind the pencil in automotive design. Patronizing but interesting.

How to Viscomm

Using the shape builder tool in Illustrator

How to Media

Found this beauty on the 'No Film School' website.
Click to visit this great resource on colour in films.
Senior Media students only: see if you can get a communication theory to explain this one. Actually you have to see it on Youtube to access the comments posting in real time.
Add this to your study of action genre, camera and editing.
Beautiful stuff on how to frame a shot, leading lines, depth of field etc.
Now here's why we don't want to see students getting up, cleaning teeth and going to school in a student video. This is an AMAZING coach through how to make a film speak by itself using film language. What is 'mistaking your own experience for cinema'?