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VCD exam revision
Specialised VCD exam revision sessions resume in schools in September. Plan your's now. Click below to find out more.

Student feedback said the most important skills they learnt were:

  • Rendering methods
  • Time management in the exam
  • Drawing ellipses
  • How to break down a question into smaller bits.
Am i seeing a pattern here?
Looking at the 'Thankyou.' cleaning products and 'Hawker' beer labels. Seeing something in common?

Move me

If you'r not doing interactive motion graphics you're not with the program.
What the?
I spotted this graphic of 'toilet people' at Cairns airport recently. Then it suddenly occurred to me. Is the way they are presented, as double images, actually related to how they might be seen, once leaving the bar adjacent?
Q. When is it appropriate to rip someone off? A. When you're a rapper. Record cover at left; Cut Copy, 'Zonoscope', 2011. At right: Blu, 'York', 2013. Must be a story behind this?
The real helvetica!
Can you imagine how excited I was to find my old Letraset catalogue from the early 80s! Here's a copy of the page on Helvetica Medium. Lovely!!
The real helvetica 2
Then here's the page in the Letraset catalogue of Helvetica Medium symbols. And look, it's next to Franklin Gothic Extra Condensed!