VCD Theory Clients


For whom is this design?

The initiator

The client

Client profile

Real or fictitious?


Describing a client.

Try it for yourself

In writing a brief we will need to nominate and describe a client. Read the following example then try out the tasks below.

Innovative and socially conscious companies.

Read the 'Memobottle' story to gain a greater insight into this innovative Australian company.

Sample question

Sample answer

'Be My Eyes'
'TOMS Shoes'


Find out about a client
  1. Watch the three videos embedded above. Choose one that interests you,
  2. Search up the company. See if you can find out and write down information to help you describe the client using the headings in the 'client profile' section above,
  3. Write up a brief but informative description of the organisation as a client.
  4. Share with your class.