Back to the past

In this section we will begin to investigate what life was in one of the most influential and formative periods for art, music, style and design.

Let's get started.

For our study we are going to look at a period of growth and hope in the Western world.

The 1950s

1952 Day In The Life Of A 1950's Small Town
Mid Century Home life -- The 50s
Youth culture 1950s
Obligations (1950)
A Word to the Wives (1955)
Top 10 Decade Defining Songs: 1950s

The 1960s


Familiarise yourself

Read through my story of the three decades above. Think about the change that swept across the world. 

Write a small paragraph to explain these couple of points;

  1. Who changed?
  2. What changed?
  3. What event actually caused the change?

You may answer in a variety of different ways. What is important is not the correct answer but the discussion.