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VCD Unit 3+4 School Assessed Task


School assessed task.


Unit 3 Outcome 3

Developing a brief and generating ideas

On completion of this unit the student should be able to;

  • apply design thinking in preparing a brief with two communication needs for a client, undertaking research and generating a range of ideas relevant to the brief.

Unit 4 Outcome 1

Development of design concepts

On completion of this unit the student should be able to;

  • develop distinctly different concepts for each communication need and devise a pitch to present concepts to an audience, evaluating the extent to which these concepts meet the requirements of the brief.

Unit 4 Outcome 2

Final presentations

On completion of this unit the student should be able to;

  • produce a final visual communication presentation for each communication need that satisfies the requirements of the brief.

What you will do

Congratulations. You've made it!

Finally, you have reached the stage where you can design exactly what you want in class.

This part of VCD, spread over Unit 3 and 4 is called the School Assessed Task (SAT). It is the big,  practical design component of your course. The SAT is 40% of your course.

In this Task you will;

  • determine a client
  • determine communication needs
  • write a brief

Commence two different design processes to;

  • conduct wide ranging research and observational drawing
  • use creative thinking strategies to generate a range of ideas with visualisation drawings
  • practice design thinking to
    • clarify,
    • reflect on,
    • broaden ideas
  • select and apply elements and principles of design and materials, methods and media (manual and digital and two and three-dimensionally) to develop and refine concepts
  • use critical and reflective thinking to document and justify design choices
  • pitch ideas to your class
  • seek, gain, reflect on and incorporate feedback to further refine concepts
  • make two final presentations to meet the communication needs in the brief

Essential references

Before you go any further you must ensure that you have downloaded and read the sections on this outcome for the VCD SAT (School Assessed Task) in Unit 3 and 4.

These references included guidelines, rules, permitted approaches, authentication and assessment advice.

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